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We brought together a group of people that have devoted their time and energy into the success story of Insurance Forums

Sam Melamed

Building it Because There is a Need

Having been an independent insurance producer, Sam knows how important community is for helping individuals succeed in the insurance profession. With only news journals in the market, Sam took it upon himself to build what was needed – a platform for open dialog, a place for sharing success stories and finding resources for growing a book of business. By identifying a real need, hundreds of thousands of insurance producers have come together, organically growing the site into the largest online insurance community. To this day, Sam continues to be an integral part of the forums and our LinkedIn group.

Sam Melamed

Brian Anderson
Executive Editor

Sharing the Knowledge

Riding herd over 81,500 online discussions and original content, a more descriptive job title for Brian might be ringmaster. With over fifteen years as an editor in the insurance profession, Brian has a talent for taming the daily deluge of industry information and distilling it into usable pieces of content. Insurance professionals look to Brian and the Forums for engaging and insightful ideas, trends, and product information that will help grow their business and sales success.

Brian Anderson
Bankers Fidelity

Working with Insurance Forums has expanded our ability to reach agents through its multiple advertising and marketing channels. From top ranking banner placements and e-blasts, to creating personalized marketing campaigns to fit our messaging, the Insurance Forums team ensures that our brand is positioned well for maximum visibility and impact.

We have seen first-hand how powerful it is to be a part of a website that is so highly respected and consistently used by agents for agent-to-agent communication. The Insurance Forums team takes the time to get know each of us and our needs, so that expectations and goals can be met. They are extremely respectful of our time and attentive to details to ensure campaign success.

We are excited to continue growing our relationship with Insurance Forums.


Insurance Forums has provided us an additional platform to strengthen insights via elements such as split testing different components of our campaigns (subject lines, call-to-actions, etc…).

This opportunity has resulted in:

  • Stronger open and/or click through rates
  • Stronger overall campaign performance
  • Insight into the best tactics for future promotions

We look forward to the continued possibilities with Insurance Forums!

We have always gauged the value of media organizations by client retention. So, being an ongoing advertiser with Insurance Forums for over 7 years, we believe a complete satisfaction with the advertising services clearly shows.

We have happily seen a consistent return on investment with Insurance Forums. Through our branding campaign, banners and lead gen program, Brokers Alliance has been able to directly connect with the agent market. No other media options are able to provide us with such a quality and quantity of leads. And, with the ongoing communication of the forum discussions, we are able to keep our message consistently visible in the agent community.

We can't say enough about the professionalism and servicing that the Insurance Forums team provides to make sure our message is resonating with agents.

Brokers Alliance
Insurance Forums

Mary Bryant
VP, Client Services

A Passion for People

You hear it in her voice and see it in her enthusiasm for our clients’ campaigns. Okay, maybe a little Red Bull helps to fuel her high energy level, but Mary brings an unmatched dedication to supporting our clients and their campaigns. With over six years in client servicing and digital technology, Mary is the backbone of the community spirit you feel when working with Insurance Forums. She is here to help with messaging, production, campaign optimization and post analytics.

Mary Bryant

Valdet Shehu

All Things Technical

As our technical wizard, Val keeps us posting, clicking, downloading and connecting with speed and ease. Armed with master's degree in Computer Science and orchestrating the flow of over one million messages through the site, as well as videos airing, ads rotating and emails blasting, Val is the mojo behind the machine.

Valdet Shehu

Justin Blase
Director of Digital Strategy

Thinking Outside the Box

As an early adopter of digital marketing technologies, Justin continues to grow Insurance Forums outside the box. From lead generation to search engine optimization to retargeting and marketing automation, Justin works with clients to maximize exposure within the insurance industry. Combining critical thinking with digital technology and marketing expertise, Justin boldly goes where no one else has gone before to reach the insurance professionals.

Chuck Gestefield

Kara James
Director of Client Campaigns

Navigating Success

From creating timelines to assembling campaign analytics, Kara is following the details. Like an air traffic controller, Kara juggles a lot of items in our air space - advertising platforms, email services, social media messaging, and content marketing. With her calm demeanor, she has a talent for keeping all details in line and a focus for flawless campaign launches and execution.

Kara James

Dave O’Neil
Senior Advisor

A Guiding Hand

Having shaped the success of numerous media entities, Dave has helped Insurance Forums carve out a strong niche in the insurance vertical. Respected by marketers who have worked with him in the insurance industry, he has instilled processes in our organization based on his best practices. Though he is not present every day, his touches are evident in our commitment to our clients and their campaigns.

Dave O'Neil

Pam Sheehan
Senior Vice President

Connecting the Dots

Pam’s immediate reaction to the concept of Insurance Forums was to begin connecting the dots, the people, the platform, the offerings and the words to form our little community of workers. With extensive experience in marketing and monetizing of print and digital publishing, she saw the forum platform and its social attributes as the future of digital media. Her involvement continues to be seen in our marketing, as well as our ongoing efforts to connect insurance professionals with the businesses supporting the market.

Pam Sheehan


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